The Bands

Night Moves - 7:00PM

Mark Anthony as Bob Seger, Looks, and sounds just like the real thing!!

Mark has been a professional singer/ guitar/ and keyboard player for many years. He works full time along with his band mates: Bob Cavanagh (Bass) Chuck Darling (Drums) and Kristina Gavallas (Keyboards). Together they form “Night Moves” Bob Seger tribute Show. Night Moves has captured many audiences with their LIVE and POWERFUL performances.

Mark’s range and vocal tone is so close to the sound and style of Bob Seger, it is amazing to see and hear! People often say they are watching the real Bob Seger!!

The 1985 - 9:00PM

The 1985 is the RADDEST retro 80’s dance party band in the Midwest featuring the best of rock, pop, new wave, rap & metal! Lights, videos, costumes all come together for a TOTALLY 80’s music tribute!

From South Bend, Indiana, The 1985 is a five-member retro party band that features the best of the 1980s rock, pop, new wave and metal. While we just wanna have fun, we take our roles as performers seriously. We have a fine-tuned, super-charged technical show that combines lights, videos, costumes and more to create a totally immersive music experience. Our goal is to help you turn back time and party like it’s 1985.