The Bands

Night Moves - 7:00PM

Mark Anthony as Bob Seger, Looks, and sounds just like the real thing!!

Mark has been a professional singer/ guitar/ and keyboard player for many years. He works full time along with his band mates: Bob Cavanagh (Bass) Chuck Darling (Drums) and Kristina Gavallas (Keyboards). Together they form “Night Moves” Bob Seger tribute Show. Night Moves has captured many audiences with their LIVE and POWERFUL performances.

Mark’s range and vocal tone is so close to the sound and style of Bob Seger, it is amazing to see and hear! People often say they are watching the real Bob Seger!!

Echoes of Pompeii - 9:00PM

Echoes of Pompeii (EOP) is composed of 8 members; Jason Andrews (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Andrews (bass, vocals), Andy Hescher (lead guitar, vocals), Rob Martinez (keyboards, vocals) and Mike Perriera (drums), Bob Frankich (saxophone), and 2 dynamic backup singers Betsy Plant and Alison Stage.

Music put together with the stage props, laser/light light show and video that Pink Floyd portrayed back in the day, Echoes of Pompeii has evolved to give you a spectacular performance with some reenactments of a Roger Waters’ concert.

The Chicago-based production has delivered a true reproduction of the Pink Floyd experience for just about 11 years now. “So sit back in your seats, relax and enjoy the ride” says Jeremy Andrews, Manager. Theaters performed at are filled with the classic, psychedelic, rock music of Pink Floyd. You will be entertained with songs as “Comfortably Numb”, “Brain Damage”, “Breathe”, “Hey You” , “Another Brick In The Wall” and many more favorites.